Missing color images

These are the reference images that are still missing. Can you help? Please use the contact form to send images or other relevant information!


A photo of the whole car is preferred, and it should be a photo that gives you an idea of the actual color.


Saab 95


B2 Blue
GN2 Dark green
B3 Arctic blue
GY3 City grey
B4 Dark blue
Y3 Savanna brown
Bk1,170 Black
GY4 Dark grey
Y4 Yellow
B5 Glacier blue
GN6 Sea green
Y5 Light beige
Y6 Savanna beige
GN7 Tyrol green
RB1 Silver mink
Y8 Yellow
RB2 Burgundy red
GN10 Emerald green
W2 Orchid white
R4B,121 Solar red
GN11 Opal green
B9 Cerulean blue
BK2,165 Dorado brown
B10 Laguna blue


Saab 96


GN2 Dark green
B6 Middle (hussar) blue
Y6 Savanna beige
RB2 Burgundy red
GN9 Verona green
GN10 Emerald green
BK2,165 Dorado brown
136H Midnight blue








Saab 97


56197-3045 Butterscotch
107-1172 Violet













Saab og900


152G Marble white
BK2,165 Dorado brown
R4B Solar red
125H Ruby red
126B Terracotta
161B Cameo Beige
131H Admiral Blue
168B Maroon
155G Ivory
162 Dolomite Sand
217 Ascot Grey
233H Carrara White
232H Derby gray
SK2 / 111 Charcoal grey
130G* / 139B Indigo blue
140B* / 149G Pine green
169G Walnut brown
112B Slate blue
234 Nocturne Blue


Saab 99


GN6 Sea Green
168B Maroon
125H Ruby red
130G* / 139B Indigo Blue
140B* / 149G Pine Green
172B Silver
169G Walnut Brown
144 Moselle green
189G Red gold
117H Platanium blue

 Saab 90


170 Black
131H Admiral Blue
168B Maroon
188B Florentine yellow
172* / 200 Silver
159G* / 205G Malachite green
140B Pine green
201H Bronze

Saab og9-3


281 Grey 

Saab og9-5


258 Amethyst violet 
262 Golden Sand
313 Glacier Silver



Saab 9000


217 Ascot grey


Saab ng900


228 Platana grey